Moonshine Moonshot

How to make your own video series

May 27, 2020 Sue Collins & Mike Hill Season 1 Episode 14
Moonshine Moonshot
How to make your own video series
Show Notes

You don’t have to make a full-length TV-style series. You could make a series of 2 minute Facebook videos. In this episode of the Moonshine Moonshot series, there are some very useful tips we can share on how to get your series working well and attracting an audience.

Mike Hill and Sue Collins have made many series for a variety of platforms and styles. We’re just about to launch and new streaming series called Futurists.World on YouTube so it’s fresh in our minds.

In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about how to come up with the theme for your work to keep the series consistent. What durations you should consider, and how to put the series out into the world to grow your audience.

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