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How to write a video script

May 18, 2020 Sue Collins & Mike Hill Season 1 Episode 12
Moonshine Moonshot
How to write a video script
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Perhaps writing a video script seems like a really complicated process to you.  So much so that you’ve never actually tried.  

But if you get some good pointers you’ll be off and running, or writing in this case.  It’s not a great mystery.  You don’t need a literary degree or any professional copywriting skills.  You just need the ability to work through the process.

And in this episode of the Moonshine Moonshot series, we are going to walk you through the process on how to write a video script.  By the end, you’ll

Know how to plan out the length of your video script.

  1. How to structure the script - beginning, middle, end.
  2. How to start the script in a way that grabs attention.
  3. Important visual elements.
  4. Custom thumbnail tips.
  5. What is an AV script?
  6. How to work focus keywords into the script.
  7. How to create versions of your script or video.
  8. How to plan what people see as well as the dialogue or narration.
  9. How to source music for your video.

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Where do I start?
How does word count relate to target duration
Overarching structure for the script
Why a strong beginning is critical
How work search terms into the script.
How to keep the script sounding authentic.
Planning the visual elements.
How to source music.