Moonshine Moonshot

Futurism and Foresight

March 02, 2020 Sue Collins & Mike Hill Season 1 Episode 4
Moonshine Moonshot
Futurism and Foresight
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In this episode of the Moonshine Moonshot streaming series, hosts Sue Collins and Mike Hill talk about their new project Futurists World and the Moonshot thinking explored in the series.  The purpose of the Futurists World series is to move humanity forward and inspire long-term thinking.

You can learn what goes into the thinking behind developing a new streaming series and Mike and Sue's vision for the project.

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Why make a show about Futurism and Foresight?
What’s wrong with the news?
One thing all futurists have in common?
How Arthur C Clarke inspired the series.
The topic’s Futurists World covers and who stars in the series