Moonshine Moonshot

How to Master your Message

January 31, 2020 Sue Collins & Mike Hill Season 1 Episode 1
Moonshine Moonshot
How to Master your Message
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You want to make an impact with your project but where do you start? How do you work out your core message?  In our first ever episode, we're talking about strategic communication planning, the essential first step to ensure the successful impact of any communication.  We explore a handful of key, often-overlooked insights that can make our break the strategic communications that define your business, organisation or project. 

We discuss SMART objectives, decision-makers, defining your position in the social conversation, audience worldview, core concerns and readiness.  Apply all of this and you too could move humanity forward.

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How do you take your big idea and get to the end goal?
How do you get everyone on the same page to achieve your goal?
How do you figure out who your audience is?
Who is the decision maker that can make your goal a reality?
How will you get your message out to your audience?
The Call- To- Action
Why this method works.