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The Production Bible and how to use one for your Film Ep95

April 02, 2024 Sue Collins Season 2 Episode 95
Moonshine Moonshot
The Production Bible and how to use one for your Film Ep95
Show Notes

In the name of lights, camera, action - and CUT 🎬 In the 95th episode of the Moonshine Moonshot podcast, your host Sue Collins talks about the importance of clear comms and the Production Bible - the ultimate assets for any production.

A Production Bible is… well… “the” bible - it’s the gospel for your production. The production bible you create will be the ultimate documentation resource that houses every piece of info required to get your film underway. It will essentially become an instruction manual of sorts, that will help guide you to your desired filmmaking outcome.

Sue also emphasizes the power of clear and simple communication in production, highlighting common obstacles many individuals can face when attempting to articulate goals and visions effectively to collaborators. Tune in to learn how to simplify your message and enhance your filmmaking journey for impactful results.

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