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Lights, Camera, Equality: Women Leading the Way in Film Ep92

March 06, 2024 Sue Collins Season 2 Episode 92
Moonshine Moonshot
Lights, Camera, Equality: Women Leading the Way in Film Ep92
Show Notes

With International Women’s Day approaching (on Friday 8th March 2024 to be exact!) we thought this would be a great topic for our 92nd episode. Your host, Sue Collins, discusses gender equality in filmmaking and emphasizes the importance of having women in leadership roles behind the camera (and beyond).

Drawing from over 15 years of experience as a female filmmaker, Sue touches on her juggling act of being a dedicated producer and devoted parent. Since starting Moonshine Agency and running her own show (with the unconditional support of her partner, Mike Hill), Sue found the balance between parenthood and producing films that address human interest stories and drive positive impact - which is what you're here to learn more about!

Fancy reading more about Equality in filmmaking? We reckon you should check out the Inclusion Initiative study HERE (it’s a brilliant read!)

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