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How to make a plan for your film's success Ep 91

February 29, 2024 Sue Collins Season 2 Episode 91
Moonshine Moonshot
How to make a plan for your film's success Ep 91
Show Notes

So - you've got a script, a vision, and the passion to tell your story - what next?

The 91st episode outlines the importance of planning your production journey before setting foot on the set.   That's so your film has the best chance of success.  If the idea of planning is making your eyes glaze over,  you're not alone. 

But as you embark on your next cinematic adventure, it's crucial to think through exactly what you want your film to achieve.  And plan how you're going to make it happen.  It's the best way to ensure your film won't end up on the shelf... or worse... some distributor's dusty back catalogue. 

And all this, believe it or not, circles back to - you guessed it - knowing your goals from the get-go and planning.   So listen in and find out how a little bit of dreaming turned into planning can make your filmmaking life a lot easier and more rewarding in the long run. 

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