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Choosing which path to as a filmmaker in the film industry Ep 90

February 20, 2024 Sue Collins Season 2 Episode 90
Moonshine Moonshot
Choosing which path to as a filmmaker in the film industry Ep 90
Show Notes

Welcome to your first Moonshine Moonshot podcast for 2024!
In the 90th episode, I'm (Sue Collins) reflecting on my own journey in the film industry, and discussing the different paths you - as a filmmaker - can take to help kickstart your film career: from freelancing, to working for others, or even running your own show.
I'm sharing some of the learnings I have from starting out as a freelancer filmmaker to spending the last 14 years running successful impact film production house Moonshine Agency.

This episode will help you with practical advice on navigating through the film industry, learning beyond film school, and breaking into new opportunities, all while guiding you towards the path that suits your filmmaking needs.

If you're not sure which direction you want to take then listen in to find out  how you can make filmmaking a sustainable career, create meaningful work and build thriving audiences for your films. 

Curious about the Moonshine Agency films mentioned in this episode? Explore them today!
Website: LIFE Before Death
YouTube: LIFE Before Death
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