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How to write an effective Youtube description & promote your video (PART 1) Ep88

December 13, 2023 Sue Collins Season 2 Episode 88
Moonshine Moonshot
How to write an effective Youtube description & promote your video (PART 1) Ep88
Show Notes

This topic is back by popular demand.  And it makes sense because when you create a film and post it to Youtube, you want people to watch it!  But Independent filmmakers didn't get into filmmaking to write copy so it's not second nature.

This Episode 88 is Part 1 on how to write an effective YouTube description to maximise its potential to be discovered and watched.  Part 2 next week will discuss how you can market, network and promote your Youtube video to make sure it gets shared, liked and drives engagement.  

These two parts together, the description along with the marketing and networking, are how you're going to get your video out into the world and help you succeed in getting lots of happy eyeballs watching your content.

I try to always talk about things that I have done myself or that my team have done so that I can speak with genuine experience on the topics.  I worry that there are a lot of folks out there telling filmmakers how to do things but they haven’t done the hard yards or tried out the systems they’re promoting themselves.  They’re just regurgitating what others have said works for them.

So what I talk about in this episode is all based on the experience I've had posting content to YouTube since 2010.  

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How to write an effective YouTube video description

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