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The Rewards and Adventures of Documentary Filmmaking Ep80

October 04, 2023 Sue Collins Season 2 Episode 80
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The Rewards and Adventures of Documentary Filmmaking Ep80
Show Notes

In this episode, Host Sue Collins does a dive deep into the world of impact filmmaking and how to make movies that truly matter. If you're someone who is passionate about creating meaningful work and making a positive impact on your audience, then this episode is definitely for you.

One of the key takeaways from this episode is the importance of exploring topics through documentary filmmaking. It is a truly rewarding experience that allows you to meet amazing people and go to places you never thought you would have the opportunity to visit. 

Another takeaway from this episode is the value of developing strong interviewing skills. Whether you're interviewing talent for a film, podcast, or even your own boss for an article, having excellent interviewing skills is crucial. 

Lastly, Sue discusses the importance of sharing accurate information and combating false messages. In today's age of social media, it is more important than ever to provide people with the facts so they can make informed decisions. Making impact films allows us to share meaningful ideas and information through narrative storytelling. By interviewing experts and capturing personal stories, we can provide our audience with enough facts to make up their own minds and not just be influenced by what they see on social media.

Overall, this episode is packed with valuable insights and practical advice for anyone interested in impact filmmaking. Whether you're just starting out or have been in the industry for years, there is something for everyone in this episode. So grab your headphones, tune in, and get ready to learn how to make movies that truly make a difference. 

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