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A 12-Step Plan to Produce Your Indie Film - Ep78

September 19, 2023 Sue Collins Season 2 Episode 78
Moonshine Moonshot
A 12-Step Plan to Produce Your Indie Film - Ep78
Show Notes

In this episode, Sue Collins takes you through a 12-step plan to produce an indie film. The inspiration for this episode came from a post on the @MoonshineCommunicationsAcademy Instagram page, which had a basic outline of the 12 steps. However, due to the limited space on Instagram, the post didn't expand on each step and so that's what Sue does in this episode.  Overall, the 12 steps discussed in this episode provide a roadmap for turning an idea into a cinematic reality.

The steps and relevant podcast episodes that dive deeper into each step are:
1. Develop a Clear Concept: 
- Ep42 Ingredients for a successful documentary film proposal Listen here
-Ep35 How to develop your documentary Part 1 Ideation Listen here 

2. Thorough Research:
- Ep 41 How to master pre-interviews Listen here 

3. Create a Detailed Plan: 
-Ep 44 How to effectively plan out your films pre-production phase.  Listen here
- Ep 36 How to develop your documentary part 2 is planning.  Listen here 

4. Build a Strong Team: 
- Ep 56 How to assemble the best crew to make your documentary film. Listen here 

5. Secure Funding: 
- Ep 43 How to pitch your film. Listen here
- Ep 34 How do you get your film funded? The three questions you must know who to answer. Listen here 

6. Production / Capture Footage:
- Ep 54 The 5 key types of shoots you’ll do during documentary film production. Listen here
- Ep 53 - Looking at the big picture. Listen here 

7. Embrace Flexibility:   
- Ep 67 Being adaptable is vital for indie filmmakers.  Listen here 

8. Focus on Storytelling: 

9. Post Production: 

10. Legal Considerations: 
- Ep57 The importance of getting consent from your film participants. Listen here

11. Marketing and PR Strategy:
- Ep 69 is all about how to define the ideal audience for your film.   Listen here
- Ep 68 ho two use publicity to promote your film.  Listen

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