Moonshine Moonshot

The 5 move strategy to make your film a reality. #73

July 20, 2023 Sue Collins Season 2 Episode 73
Moonshine Moonshot
The 5 move strategy to make your film a reality. #73
Show Notes

This week Sue shares a practical process for turning your dream project into a reality. With 15 years of experience in project planning, Sue finds that this system with five big moves can be applied to any project to get it started, planned out, and into reality. 

This system can be applied to projects of any size and can even be used for personal goals.   You can often listen to experts, watch videos and read blogs only to be left scratching your head on how to apply the learning.  You've been taught the what but not the how.  And that's where this episode is different, it's a clear step by step system that when applied, leaves you with a solid plan.

The first step is setting the goal, followed by implementing the five moves to make your film or project a reality. Tune in to gain clear direction on how to plan out your project from start to finish. 

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