Moonshine Moonshot

Ep. 66 How to lead your film crew

May 24, 2023 Sue Collins Episode 66
Moonshine Moonshot
Ep. 66 How to lead your film crew
Show Notes

Being the big boss on the film set is a difficult job, and it's one that you can master! 

And once you do, you'll be on your way to creating a film to release into the world.  Speaking of releasing a film, Sue's also just released a Live the life you please across cinemas in Australia so you'll get a sneak peek behind the curtain on how that release is going!

But the main event for this week's episode of Moonshine Moonshot is on how to lead your crew.  Sue will discuss how your leadership style will affect the end product. It's important to be confident, in control, and open and collaborative!

And you also have to manage the nerves! For your crew to follow your lead, you need to give them confidence that you know what you're doing.  But don't worry, Sue shares a few tricks on appearing confident even when you're not feeling it!  

So click play and get into it!

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