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Ep. 47 Using graphics in your documentary

January 10, 2023 Sue Collins Episode 47
Moonshine Moonshot
Ep. 47 Using graphics in your documentary
Show Notes

As we enter this new year, take pride in how far you’ve come along and your persistence through the pre-production process. If everything falls into place in 2023, who knows, maybe this year is finally the year you see your film on the big screen. 

If you’ve been following our documentary series, you are well into your films pre-production and are ready to move forward to the next stage. 

Hopefully, as you were conceiving your film, developing your pitch and considering the final product, you would have been thinking carefully about graphics and its overall look. But not just within the documentary itself, but the film as a brand. 

It’s important to approach your graphics with an overall approach, as your graphic’s are in, out and around your film. Especially in documentary. You will need to consider not only your title card, but lower-third text for names and locations, trailer titles, logos and poster design. 

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