Moonshine Moonshot

Ep. 44 Planning your pre-production process

December 13, 2022 Sue Collins Episode 44
Moonshine Moonshot
Ep. 44 Planning your pre-production process
Show Notes

In this episode of Moonshine Moonshot, I dig into the pre-production phase of documentary filmmaking.

If you're about to start pre-production, you're pretty clear on your documentary idea and finally edging closer and closer to actually making your film.

During pre production, you’ll map out the flow of your film, lock in your on screen talent, scout locations, finalise your budget, think about the type of equipment you’ll need and build a comprehensive shooting schedule.

Essentially, you’ll do all the stuff that needs to be ticked off before you get your gear out.

I know it sounds like a whole lot of planning and not so much doing – but I promise this part of the documentary making journey can be creative and visual. And if you cast your mind way back to part 2 of the How to make a documentary series, you’ll remember that I showed you how fun and rewarding planning can be. 

If you’ve got a solid plan in place already then we're confident that you’ll find pre-production a total breeze. 

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