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Ep. 43 How to pitch your film

December 06, 2022 Sue Collins Episode 43
Moonshine Moonshot
Ep. 43 How to pitch your film
Show Notes

This week, I show you how to create a pitch video and sell your film to potential funders.

If you’re an aspiring documentary filmmaker with an important story to share, there’s one thing you need to get straight  how to pitch your film to potential funders.

Ah yes, the dreaded ‘p” word. If you’ve been keeping across the How to make a documentary series, I'm sure you knew this one was coming up.

Last week, I looked closely at crafting a compelling proposal. And the week before that I zoned in on pre-interviews, which are often used as part of pitching  your film idea. Now the time has come to really dig into it.

The thought of pitching leaves most filmmakers with an icky pang in the pit of their stomachs. Maybe it’s because it implies a certain level of salesmanship and we’re “creatives”. Maybe it’s because the idea of “pitching”  and what it means is still a bit blurry or perhaps it’s because pitching can be connected to public speaking and public speaking is rated as a greater fear than death. 

Maybe your worried about  all of the above.   And quite possibly it’s also because your film really matters to you and you want to get the green light to make it.  So the answer to your pitch is very important to you.  No one wants to get a no.  Not from a potential funder. 

But, if you want to make a film – a really, really good film – you do need to learn to embrace the concept of pitching and raise some finance.

Pitches put you front and centre with decision makers who can finance and champion your film. In short: if you want to bring your vision to life, you need to master the process.

Listen now and I'll show you how!

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