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Ep. 40 How to pick a title for your film

November 15, 2022 Sue Collins Episode 40
Moonshine Moonshot
Ep. 40 How to pick a title for your film
Show Notes

Hello listeners! This week I want to help you find the perfect title for your movie. 

That's right – you’ve made it to an exciting part of the ‘How to make a documentary film’ series which is all about having fun and maximising your creativity. 

Yes, you read that correctly– fun. I promise, this week there’s nothing about ‘finance’ or ‘budget’ or even ‘planning’. I won’t be chatting to you about your production schedule, your shot list or your release date. 

And while I may reference the term ‘legal’ and ‘copyright’ once or twice,  it’s purely for a bit of background insight. There’s nothing you need to think too seriously about. Because today, I want to help you get into the creative zone and ensure your film gets the attention it deserves – instantly. 

Yes, fellow filmmakers it’s finally time to lock in your film’s title. 

So switch the right side of your brain on, grab your script or screenplay, fire up the thesaurus and let’s name your movie!

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