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S2 Ep. 32 Why your film will benefit from hope based messaging

September 20, 2022 Sue Collins & Mike Hill
Moonshine Moonshot
S2 Ep. 32 Why your film will benefit from hope based messaging
Show Notes

Hope-based messaging?  What is it and why is it useful for impact filmmaking and communications in general really? It’s the way I communicate for all of the projects I produce and it’s defiantly worth putting some thought to as you develop your own work.

So my first hope-based message for you is that I hope you’re having a really great day, that you’re listening as you walk in the sunshine or driving to and from a really productive meeting or perhaps enjoying a day off.  I know hard you work, being in a creative industry or as a solo creative is a lot of work, it’s certainly not easy getting new ideas realised and projects funded.  
And I’m guessing that’s why you’re listening because you’re keen to develop more of your craft including how to communicate your ideas because this is really important when your looking for funding, it affects how you produce your work and it’s critical for landing on the mark with your intended audience.

And at the end of the day that's what it’s all about, isn’t it.  Getting your work seen and making an impact on your audience. 

In this episode, I look at: 

  • What hope based messaging is  
  • How to position your message hopefully 
  • And how positive, hopeful messages can inspire your audience to get behind your mission 

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