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S2 Ep 26. How to use video to attract volunteers

August 09, 2022 Sue Collins & Mike Hill Season 2 Episode 26
Moonshine Moonshot
S2 Ep 26. How to use video to attract volunteers
Show Notes

Are you a non-profit organisation or charity wondering how to use video to attract volunteers? Well, you've landed on the right podcast. 

I've always said that if a picture says a thousands words, a video says a million more. Actually, it tells the whole story. I mean, when it comes to building relationships, communicating messages and sharing stories, video is about as close as you can get to having a heart-to-heart with someone in person. Don’t you think? 

It’s probably why more and more marketers, advertisers, communications professionals and nonprofits are using videos in their digital campaigns these days.

Apple. Amazon. Alibaba. Yep, they all use video marketing to build audiences, push product and drive sales. And they’re just the brands starting with ‘A’. But you don’t have to be a billion dollar company to benefit from the power of video. Local green grocers. Pilates studios. Even hair salons. They’re all using videos to tug at their customers’ heartstrings, capture their imaginations and persuade them to engage with their business. 

But video marketing doesn’t always have to be about the ‘hard sell’. In my last blog post, I mentioned that I work closely with a lot of nonprofit organisations that regularly – and successfully –  use video to inspire philanthropists and other members of the community to donate to their cause (which yes, does have a sales element to it. But not in the same ‘add to cart’ way that the latest video campaign from Nike might). 

And do you know what many of these organisations also rely on video for? Recruiting new volunteers. 

It’s something you might not have tried out before, even if you’re a veteran volunteer coordinator. And that’s ok - there’s no shade here, only advice. Which is what I’m dishing out today. Advice on using video to get more volunteers into your organisation. 

The real trick is to getting the casting and messaging spot on. Oh, and knowing your audience inside out too of course. 

I expand further in this episode. Listen now. 

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