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S2 Ep. 16 Are film audiences different to YouTube audiences?

May 31, 2022 Sue Collins & Mike Hill Season 2 Episode 16
Moonshine Moonshot
S2 Ep. 16 Are film audiences different to YouTube audiences?
Show Notes

I thought I’d start this episode with a question – and it’s not a tough one. Where’s the best place to see a film? At the cinema? In your lounge room? The back of an aeroplane seat? What about on your smartphone while you’re waiting for the bus? Or on your laptop in between meetings? 

Honestly, I could spend all day musing viewing scenarios! Because video content is everywhere – and between YouTube, Netflix and the local independent theatre, it’s hard to keep up with it all. 

And guess who else it’s hard for? Your audience. You know, the people you’re creating video content for. So if you want those people to actually watch your content, you need to ensure that your video is perfectly tailored to the platform it’s published to. 

I don’t know about you, but going to the cinema is a very different experience for me than watching a few clips on YouTube on a Monday afternoon while I wait for my kids to finish cricket practise. Experience being the operative word here. 

With a trip to the cinema – I’m all in. I’m focused, I’ve set aside two, sometimes three hours to immerse myself in a story. I settle into my seat…hopefully a reclining one, turn my phone off (ok, I put it on silent), and I begin to relax as the curtains widen, the lights dim and the experience begins. 

But when it comes to YouTube, I’m a bit more passive. I’ll dip in and dip out as needed and I’m usually trying to do something else at the same time.  Unless of course it’s the latest episode of the Moonshine Moonshot series starring none other than Mike Hill and myself… Ahem, shameless plug aside, it’s just a different way to experience content. 

You’re probably the same, especially when you’re watching Moonshine Moonshot of course – I’m know you give your full attention to every episode… 

The point I’m trying to get at here is that while these two platforms might serve the same purpose – to share moving pictures –the audience (or at least their expectations) are quite unique. 

And as a content creator, it’s something you should definitely be mindful of. Which is why I’m diving into it today in this episode of Moonshine Moonshot. 

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