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S2 Ep11. Who should tell your video story?

April 26, 2022 Sue Collins & Mike Hill Season 2 Episode 11
Moonshine Moonshot
S2 Ep11. Who should tell your video story?
Show Notes

When it comes to making a great video, casting is key. It doesn’t matter how skilled your camera crew is. How excellent your storyboard and script are. If the weather was a sunny 27 degrees without a cloud in sight. Or even how delicious the catering was on shoot day (although keeping the production team well fed is a good way to ensure they’re on side). 

Yes, all these elements are critical to getting your video just right (ok maybe not the catering) but none of it will matter if you get your talent wrong. 

Picking the perfect hero, storyteller, presenter or messenger – whatever you want to call them – is an art in itself. An art that relies on some serious deliberation in the planning phase to be successful. 

Without sounding too dramatic, we really can’t minimise the importance of casting the right messenger. It can mean the difference between producing a video that achieves the outcome you’re hoping for …. or one that completely misses the mark. 

Sometimes you might have one messenger . Other times you could have more than 100 (we actually had 120 for a documentary we released in 2008 called The Man Who Souled The World).

You might choose to recruit internally and get employees or your executive team to star in your film. Or you may consider hiring a professional actor or presenter. 

The choice is yours – but you need to get it right. And that's what Sue is going to help you with in this episode of Moonshine Moonshot. 

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