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S2 Ep5. Why more videos are better than one

March 15, 2022 Sue Collins & Mike Hill Season 2 Episode 5
Moonshine Moonshot
S2 Ep5. Why more videos are better than one
Show Notes

The saying might be less is more – but sometimes more is more. Especially when it comes to video content. Why? Because your audience is crazy for content. And all types of content too. From podcasts to blogs, social media posts and long form articles – they can’t get enough.

But video is what they’re really into and they're watching more of it than ever before. In fact,  it’s estimated that the amount of video watched online has likely doubled since 2018. 

So what does this mean for you as a budding video creator? Put simply, it means you need to be making lots and lots of videos to keep your audience firmly fixed on you and your brand. 

But this is absolutely something you can take advantage of as a video creator. With so many eyeballs searching for videos, there is a lot of opportunity to build real rapport and a long-lasting connecting with the ones that click play on your content.  

So how do you that? In this episode of Moonshine Moonshot, Sue walks you through everything you need to know. 

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